A Simple Guide on What To Do in Amsterdam

If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam or going for a weekend of Amsterdam stag do, you’re in for a great time. Amsterdam has something for everybody. You are guaranteed to have a memorable trip when you visit Amsterdam.

Grooms and their groomsmen will have a fantastic time spending a weekend on an Compare Airport Hotels expedition. Unlike other cities, Amsterdam has legalized prostitution and relaxed laws about usage of cannabis. Grooms can enjoy other wonderful activities like the Amsterdam Brewery tour and drinking out with friends via the beer bike.

Amsterdam is also famous for the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum and Stedelijk Museum. You can find works of famous painters like Rembrandt and Rubens sitting in these museums. Just being in the same room as these beautiful paintings is an artist’s haven.

You can sight-see around the city via the several canal tours offered around Amsterdam. These canal tours ensure that you get to see and visit many of Amsterdam’s most beautiful places all in the comfort of your boat. If you’re not a fan of cruising via boats, you can rent bicycles to get around the city. Amsterdam has lanes dedicated to cycling and you could easily navigate around the city on two wheels.

There are also lots of festivals going on around Amsterdam at any time of the year. There’s the canal festival where musicians gather and entertain tourists and locals staying in various locations near the canal with different types of music. Mysteryland Festival happening in Haarlemmermeer is a unique music and dance festival that showcases some of Amsterdam’s most talented performers.